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Controllis is a leading global supplier of DC generator technology and integrated hybrid energy power solutions.

We help mobile and telecoms operators, tower companies and government organizations build more reliable and cost-effective power networks for rural, off-grid, rapid full site deployment and critical systems power back up solutions

Controllis is a power systems hardware and software company headquartered in the UK and working with partners and customers world-wide. Our mission is to provide cost-effective power anywhere by using our unique technology to deliver reduced operating costs, lower risks and provide detailed network insights to customers – Better Power Anywhere.

Controllis provides ultra-efficient, highly reliable fully managed power solutions to sites which have unreliable mains power or are totally off-grid. Our customers include mobile and telecoms operators, tower companies, systems integrators and government organisations.

The Controllis products range from standalone DC generator units up to fully integrated hybrid / renewable systems with flexible deployment options. We also provide complete integrated rapid deployment telecoms sites, critical systems power backup solutions plus a range of consultancy, design and support services. Our advanced cloud-based remote management system provides detailed visibility and analytics of your power network performance in real-time.

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