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Clarke Energy is a multinational specialist in distributed power generation solutions. Our international headquarters are located in Knowsley, near Liverpool. Our capabilities range from the supply of a gas fuelled power generation engine, through to the turnkey installation of a multi-engine power plant. Clarke Energy is an authorised distributor and service provider for Jenbacher reciprocating gas engines with a strong focus on aftersales support. Clarke Energy’s relationship with Jenbacher and in-country resources gives us an ability to provide unparalleled service and maintenance, along with local supply of original equipment manufacturer approved spare parts.

In the UK we are a leading supplier of power generation equipment to a number of sectors. These include

  • Natural gas-fuelled combined heat and power (CHP) facilities - to enable fuel, carbon and cost savings for hospitals, universities, commercial buildings and greenhouses.
  • Biogas-fuelled combined heat and power facilities for municipal and commercial waste, wastewater treatment works and for farm-based agricultural biogas plants.
  • Coal mining - closed coal mine sites continue to produce gases, which if they escape to atmosphere are a source of carbon emissions. Utilisation of this gas for power generation, reduces pollution and generates onsite power generation.