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Manufacturer of coolers and heat exchangers world-wide AKG is a private family-owned company founded in 1919 as “Autokühlergesellschaft” (= automotive cooler company) that was started with small-scale production of coolers and repair work. In 1946 AKG entered into direct production of heat exchangers for the automobile industry. This is still recognizable in the name “Autokühler” of some subsidiaries of the AKG Group.

Over the years, AKG has continuously expanded its expertise to new applications, resulting in a major portion of its revenue coming from markets such as power generation, construction equipment, air compressors, industrial coolers, agriculture and forestry equipment, automotive vehicles, railed vehicles, household appliances and special applications. As a leading supplier of customer-oriented solutions, AKG has acquired a worldwide reputation for producing high-quality coolers and heat exchangers.