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Established in 1976 and based over 2x locations in the South East of England, Agriemach Ltd boast an unrivalled supply of market leading products supporting any make and model of engine. Our range of exhaust gas purification technology includes our Selective Catalytic Reduction Systems which offer a reduction of Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) up to 98%. We have installations across the UK and Europe with a faultless track record for service and quality.

Our range of Bespoke and Off-The-Shelf Heat and Sound Insulation materials are second to none. We can produce thermal jacketing solutions from customer drawings and temperature data, or in some cases we will take in old thermal jackets and re-make them to a higher quality and durability.

We offer a comprehensive range of Heavy Duty Industrial Engine Air Intake Precleaners which are fully customizable to our customers’ needs over efficiency and intake restriction. So much so, that our Precleaner was the only model approved by JCB for their 444 engine.

Our other product lines include our Ministry of Defense Approved Exhaust Spark Arrestors, Exhaust Rain Caps, Diesel Particulate Filters, Fuel Polishing Equipment, Diesel Oxidation Catalysts, AdBlue® Handling Equipment, 3-Way Catalysts for Stoichiometric Engines and our Fuel Handling Equipment Line.

We offer CPD presentations to all of our customers to ensure that our product knowledge is shared with a clear understanding of what solutions can be provided and what can be achieved, through from design to realization.

For further details on our products please visit or call our offices +44 (0) 1342 713743.